Refrigerators repair: how to avoid scammers


Refrigerators repair: how to avoid scammers

When serious problems suddenly fall on our heads, we tend to trust everyone who offers a quick and profitable solution. Breakdowns of large home appliances are included in the list of such life situations, so when repairing a refrigerator it is important to know how to avoid cheating. Practically in any sphere of service there is a risk to meet with swindlers. In this article we will consider several most common schemes of cheating and try to figure out how to calculate the scammers in refrigerator repair.

The incompetence of the master

If after the diagnosis you are told that the repair will cost more than buying a new unit, it is better to get an alternative consultation. Often, masters do not have the necessary skills or equipment to perform complex electrical work. It is easier for them to dilute their hands, say that the unit is outdated, and take money from the client for the call. Such masters can hardly be called swindlers, they just earn on replacement of components, refueling freon and other small services, and for serious repair of refrigerators prefer not to take. There are no parts in the design of such household appliances, the replacement of which would cost more than buying a new unit. If we are talking about expensive models, their post-warranty life exceeds 15 years. And in no case do not agree to sell a broken refrigerator for parts: if the master called for repair, and he is buying, then in front of you probably a fraud.

Variants of cheating when repairing refrigerators

These are the most common methods of fraudulent refrigerator repairs:

  • overstatement of the cost of work;
  • inclusion in the account of unspecified services;
  • installation of used components instead of new spare parts;
  • intentional damage to parts;
  • refusal to comply with the terms of the agreement in full.

If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, it may be sufficient to simply add freon to solve the problem. However, an unscrupulous craftsman can deceive the customer by saying that the compressor has failed. In addition, scammers often replace quite serviceable parts with new ones – earn on value-added and installation services, and in addition get a fully functional unit. Tampering with refrigerator parts for subsequent repair is a rarer method of fraud. As a rule, swindlers only have the audacity to write down non-existent services or additional hidden charges.

How to get rid of scammers when repairing a refrigerator

The most important thing is to use the services of service centers, not random specialists from the ads. Professional craftsmen have certain regulations for the repair of refrigerators, which means they are responsible for the result and compliance with agreements. In the case of the service center, customers even receive a warranty card. The scammer single will not leave any contacts to you and will not take the responsibility – you see it, as a rule, in the first and last time.

Traditionally, refrigerator repair takes from 30 minutes to several hours, in case of need to check on special equipment, the repair can take up to a week, including terms for transportation and return delivery of the refrigerator from the workshop. More information can be found at

On all performed repair work master must always provide a guarantee, regardless of whether he changed your motor, or corrected such malfunctions as ice on the back wall, problems with the compressor shutdown, freon leakage, “melting” freezer or freezing refrigerator, etc. Details which are set by the master, also should be new and have service life defined by the manufacturer that also serves as an additional guarantee of qualitatively executed repair of a refrigerator.

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