How to choose a street game complex for a child


How to choose a street game complex for a child

The new era of mobile gadgets and rampant computerization is leaving less and less space for the game and physical development of both adults and children. Even kids know how to play on the phone, how to turn on the game on the computer or cartoon. The modern pace of life gives many temptations to the younger generation and the task of adults is to prevent children from completely immersing themselves in the virtual world. 

Even a couple of hours a day in the fresh air is capable of a miracle – the child will see real life, gain strength, mood, outdoor games will become a habit, and communication with other children and adults will give the first basics of communication and problem solving skills. And the sooner adults come up with how to keep the child busy, the stronger the effect will be. However, just playing on the street and a modest list of entertainment can quickly get bored and then children’s play complexes and trainers for the street will become irreplaceable assistants. You can find some nice options here

What were the sites 15-20 years ago? The same as 30-40 years before. In almost every courtyard from high-rise buildings there were rockets, high slides and sandboxes without lids, in which not only children but local cats and dogs “played” with pleasure. Time passes, tastes and priorities change. Children’s health is in the hands of their parents. To distract a modern child from a tablet or social networks for at least a couple of hours and go out into the fresh air, adults have such an opportunity – modern children’s play equipment, children’s play complexes will appeal to even the greatest aesthetes. And horizontal bars, bars, crossbars, workout will allow adolescents and adults to become sturdy and healthy. If it’s interesting on the street, not a single gadget can hold it at home. On this website you can find some really beautiful options

What distinguishes a modern playground from just a playground?

  1. Game zones are divided by age. 20 years ago there was one platform at all and the smallest it was difficult to compete with the elders for a place on a rocking chair. Now it is possible to design sites for any size and for groups of different ages.
  2. Security. On modern children’s gaming complexes, not only game elements, but also the covering and fencing should be safe. An elastic and resilient material softens the drop, eliminates slipping of shoes and remains relatively clean at any time of the year (cleaning and maintenance are minimal for safe rubber coatings). A separate issue is the fencing of playgrounds. Adults can talk and lose sight of the child. 1 minute is enough for the ball to fly onto the road. In excitement, the baby does not always understand what “danger” is. This is where the fences are priceless. Moreover, a random person or animal will not go to the playground. And it’s easier for adults to control the whereabouts of the child. After all, the phrase “do not go outside the playground” is taken literally by the child and he knows the limits of what is permitted.
  3. The ability to choose for imagination during the game. The attention of children is especially attracted by themed children’s play complexes, which include ready-made elements that are designed in the same style and have convenient bundles-transitions between each other. So the child simultaneously plays alone, but also with other children. This develops interpersonal skills.

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