House Painting Ideas – Exterior Colors For Your Home


House Painting Ideas – Exterior Colors For Your Home

Paint colors for your home can make a big impact on the look of your home. They can define its character and set the tone for how it looks outside. Choosing the right house paint ideas is important because they can give your home a new and fresh look and also add value to it if you decide to sell it later.

The most common exterior house color ideas include light neutrals such as white, beige or greige. These hues are safe to live with and appeal to most people if you plan to put your home on the market. They are also less likely to offend your neighbors or irritate real estate agents.

Neutral shades work well as a base coat because they help buyers envision the interior of their new home. They also make it easier for contractors to work with you to change your home’s exterior paint.

Gray is a traditional choice for a modern home and works with both wood trim and stone features. It is particularly well suited for Craftsman-style homes with brick or stone accents. The color combines beautifully with darker shingles and navy shutters or charcoal front doors to create an elegant modern exterior.

Deeper toned grays, like Pewter Gray, are more suitable for exteriors with decorative exposed brick and stone features. Its cool undertones coordinate nicely with natural stone elements and can easily be paired with blue or brown for an inviting color scheme.

‘It is a color that people feel comfortable with, and they tend to be the colors that buyers like the best,’ says Baron Christopher Hanson, president and CEO of The Hanson Group (opens in new tab). It also makes your home appear larger than it really is, which can be a selling point when you’re ready to sell it.

Darker shades of gray are a good option for a more contemporary home, especially in cooler climates where they won’t show wear and tear as quickly as lighter shades. They also can help your house stand out from the rest of your neighborhood’s homes.

Red is another classic choice for a traditional home, especially in the countryside. It will look great with a farmhouse or barns, and it’s also a color that can be incorporated into many other types of homes.

Citrus is another popular color choice for a traditional home, especially in warm climates. It’s a bold and unexpected choice that will make your home pop.

Yellow is another cheery color that can brighten up your home’s exterior and bring in a fresh new look. The color can be matched with blues, greens and oranges to create a variety of house painting ideas.

Purple is another color that will look great on your home’s exterior. It will match any other shades of red, yellow or blue and also pairs well with dark browns and other earthy tones for a rich, dramatic effect.

‘Another popular exterior color option for a contemporary home is a soft neutral such as twilight mist from Valspar,’ says Senior Color Designer Sue Kim of Valspar. It is a shade that mimics artificial lighting, which is a trending design idea for 2019.

Aside from its versatility, Alabaster is an off-white exterior paint color that works well with a range of existing brick and clapboard siding options. It can be paired with darker toned roof shingles, navy shutters, black trim colors or charcoal front doors to create an elegant modern style.

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